F.O.S. and Ransom take BBC Three on the road in The Rap Trip

Following the huge success of The Rap Game UK, BBC Three is teaming up with contestants Ransom and F.O.S., as they drive across the British Isles to collaborate with local rappers whilst discovering some of the most overlooked rap scenes.

F.O.S. and Ransom know how difficult it is to be taken seriously as a rapper when you’re not from London. Ransom captured hearts on the first series of BBC Three’s The Rap Game UK as the charismatic Nigerian Scottish rapper who was determined to prove you could be a successful Scottish MC. Freedom of Speech AKA F.O.S. hails from Scunthorpe, which is far better known for its steel production than its music scene. Frustrated with the lack of access to recording studios in his hometown, F.O.S. built his own mobile music studio in his car.