‘The Batman’ Will Reportedly Explore The Dark Knight’s Second Year At Work

Details of Matt Reeves’ “The Batman” keep on coming as production continues and we get closer to the release date of the DC film. After giving fans a peek at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit via a camera test video, some more information about the film has been revealed, which tells us that this will not be yet another “Year One” scenario for Batman, but instead a Year Two.

“The Batman” will take place during Bruce Wayne’s second year as The Dark Knight of Gotham City. We’ve known for a while that Matt Reeves didn’t want to do an origin story, but we didn’t know the precise timeline before. Being that Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” was heavily inspired by Frank Miller’s “Year One” it is a good sign that we’re avoiding a repeat of this… by moving the story a year forward in time. This would mean that Batman already has some of his iconography, like the suit, the car, and has already fought most of his rogues’ gallery, but he still isn’t a seasoned crime fighter who hates everyone and everything like dear old Batfleck.


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