Total Wipeout: Freddie And Paddy Takeover - Q&A with hosts Freddie Flintoff & Paddy McGuinness

Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness bring their unique banter to classic Total Wipeout episodes as plucky contestants take on the Big Red Balls for the chance to win £10,000!
Coming to BBC One from Saturday 8 August at 7.10pm.

Q&A with host Freddie Flintoff

Can you tell us a bit about what to expect from this new series of Total Wipeout?

I think most people have seen Wipeout before - I remember watching it and it’s just fun isn’t it? You’ve got people doing stuff on this water place which is just ridiculous; you don’t stop laughing at it. It’s hard! Some of the stuff people go through, from getting punched off a wall to falling on them big red balls, all to win ten grand! This time round it’s the best episodes from 10 years ago and then me and Paddy have done the voiceover.

I’ve seen a few people saying they're introducing it to their kids for the first time over lockdown, so hopefully it’s good timing?

I think a lot of things have been tried over the years… but nothing's been as good as Wipeout! Hence bringing it back, and even watching the old episodes, it just doesn’t date. It’s still very funny. It’s fun, there’s a bit of jeopardy and it’s quite hard so hopefully it’ll go well and who knows - they might make it again!