Gardeners' World meets broadcaster Kate Garraway in her garden

In an episode of Gardeners' World, due to be broadcast on BBC Two on Friday 9 October, Joe Swift meets TV presenter and broadcaster Kate Garraway to discuss how gardening has become a lifeline for her family.

Kate's husband Derek Draper was taken to hospital in March with Covid-19, and remains seriously ill in hospital.

"It's obviously been an odd year for the world, and very directly, personally for me," Kate explains.

The TV presenter talks to Joe Swift about the positive effects of gardening with her two children. "It was rather sad because the radishes came, they're one of Derek's favourite vegetables, and we ate them and he still wasn't better. So I then thought, we've got to go more long term, planting things that were going to take longer to bear fruit... and I'd say, Dad will be better by then, and of course now that it's been so long, we've got a huge basket of bulbs, so that when Dad comes home, the place will be full of colour.

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