Stuck, a brand new comedy series for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, is written and starred by Dylan Moran.

Stuck (5 x 15), produced by Hat Trick Productions and filmed in Belfast, is a dark, surreal sitcom about Dan (Dylan Moran) and Carla's relationship (Morgana Robinson).

Carla and Dan are at a fork in the road. Dan was recently laid off, and Carla is beginning to wonder if this is all there is to life. It's no surprise that they're stuck, given their age difference and Carla's ex-girlfriend Maya's re-emergence onto the scene.

Dylan Moran says: "I'm delighted to be working with the smartypants comedy wonks at Hat Rack, going to Belfast to shoot our crazy little series. Morgana is a one woman army of comic power, and the little gang of loons we found make a very lumpy talent piñata. Terrifying. I'm only ok with this because I know our brilliant director Ian FitzGibbon specialises in coaxing magic even from clumps like me who breathe through their foreheads and bang into the walls. Check us out."

Filming commences in January 2022

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