BBC Three’s comedy horror Wrecked - First-look images released and cast announced.

Wrecked (w/t) is a gripping thriller set aboard The Sacramentum cruise liner, combining humour and a dash of slasher. Jamie, a 20-year-old new recruit, infiltrates the 3,000-strong crew in a desperate search for his sister, who has gone missing. She vanished mid-charter when working aboard the same ship on a prior cruise.

Jamie is introduced to cruise life and learns about the several tribes that exist among the crew: the theatre kids, the mafias, and the low-wage workers. Life below deck may be an odyssey of partying and excess for this overworked and underpaid crew... They are completely unaware to the heinous crimes that are going place on board. Jamie is compelled to take on the role of investigator in order to learn the dark truth.

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