Granite Harbour - New three-part drama series set in Aberdeen coming to BBC Scotland and BBC One

Granite Harbour is a new three-part drama series for BBC Scotland, BBC One, and iPlayer, directed by LA Productions and set in Aberdeen. It stars emerging stars Romario Simpson (Small Axe, Noughts and Crosses) and Hannah Donaldson (Murder Island, Annika).

Dawn Steele (Holby City, Liar), Gary Lewis (Vigil, Rig 45), and Fiona Bell (Holby City, Liar) are among the renowned Scottish actors who have joined the group (The Nest, Shetland).

Granite Harbour tells the narrative of Lance Corporal Davis Lindo (Romario Simpson), a new recruit to Police Scotland who arrives in Aberdeen.

Lindo aspires to be a detective at New Scotland Yard after completing his final tour in the Royal Military Police. However, he is transferred to Aberdeen to train as a Detective Constable, and he must swiftly adjust to his new life in Aberdeen, which is a world removed from everything this soldier has ever experienced.

DCI Tara 'Bart' Bartlett (Hannah Donaldson), Lindo's mentor, is a razor-sharp, streetwise Aberdonian who is used to going it alone. This odd team must navigate the stormy waters of their first case together: the murder of one of Aberdeen's most well-known oil industry figures. Lindo and Bartlett are thrown into a corporate war between old and new energy all of a sudden.

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