Make Me Famous - Reggie Yates's new drama explores the consequences of fast fame on reality TV contestants

Tom Brittney, Amanda Abbington, Aiysha Hart, Nina Sosanya, Emma Rigby, Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge and Tilly Keeper star in Make Me Famous, a new 60- minute drama written by Reggie Yates, which explores the impact and consequences of fast fame on reality TV contestants.

When Billy (Tom Brittney) succeeds in impressing the producers of a fictional constructed-reality show, he believes his life is set to change forever.

A year after the show has aired, while some of Billy’s co-stars’ careers are thriving, Billy struggles to balance the afterglow of fame, social media and tabloid kiss & tells, and the resulting assumptions people have made about his character - forcing deep vulnerabilities to the surface.

Can Billy escape the reputation that now precedes him?

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