REVIEW: Golf Zero on Xbox One

Although this has the word "golf" in the title, it is not a golf game in the classic sense, in fact this is a platform game with a golf twist, and it is a totally unique twist.

The game is a cute 2D retro looking game, the basic aim is for you to hit a ball into the golf cup (hole), but of course as you progress through each level, this becomes a harder and harder challenge to accomplish, now because I am stupid I didn't watch the trailer before I started to play, and I literally got stuck on the 2nd level for a good 5 minutes, you see I didn't realise that you can hit the ball in mid jump. (See photo below) As soon as I realised that, I managed to start passing each level pretty quick. But the game does get much harder. You also have the challenge of accomplishing other things in the levels, for example getting a hole in one, or bursting a balloon, or riding a cart over spikes, and so on.

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