Interview with Chris Bell - Director of The Heiress

Ahead of the UK Digital release of THE HEIRESS on March 15, 2021, director Chris Bell talks about familial horror influences, his South London 'hooligangster' phase and learning new lockdown skills.

How did you get the idea for THE HEIRESS?
I was in my local library when I came across a painting. The artist was a local lady. I was drawn to this eerie artwork and I knew I had to meet her. When we did meet I told her that I was going to write a film inspired by this painting. Not only that but I promised to feature her in the movie – and I did just that.

Myself, alongside Danny and Kelly Prescott, created the script for what became The Heiress. I'd arranged a meeting with producer Jezz Vernon, whom I had recently worked with on another movie. We pitched the script to him and from there he came on board.

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