REVIEW: Fantasy Friends on Nintendo Switch

One of the hardest things to do when reviewing games, is to review a game that is totally not meant for you. I am a grown man, and Fantasy Friends on Nintendo Switch is clearly not aimed at me. So, what I did was give the game to my friends 7-year-old daughter, and let her play it, I then asked for her opinion. This is simply put the best way to review such a game. But before we get to what she thought, let's take a look at the general idea of the game first.

"Fantasy Friends takes place in a gorgeous fantasy forest where anything is possible! With the help of Aurea, the magic fairy, you will care for 12 adorable new pet friends! Take care of them and make sure you give them all the love they need. If you do, your pets will grow up and play with you!
The more you care for them, keeping them happy and healthy, the more mana you will earn. Use your mana to get new creatures, buy them new clothes or even cooler toys to play with, and decorate the forest with incredible fun items!

From a flying panda to a rainbow unicorn, discover 12 incredible creatures you'll love to cuddle and play with. As soon as they hatch, all of them will need your attention."

Put it simply, this is a digital pet game. There are lots of skins and colours and so on, you can play with your pet and look after it, it will become more and more unique. You can even decorate their surroundings.

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