REVIEW: Mage Drops on PC (Steam)

Mage Drops is a Golf/Platform/Puzzle game from the good people at Orchid of Redemption.
In recent times we have seen quite a few of these Golf/Platform/Puzzle type games, but how does Mage Drops stack up against some of the previous releases in this ever-expanding genre.

As always when reviewing an "Early Access" game, it is worth pointing out that the game is not the finished article yet, the developers are still tweaking the game, listening to player feedback, adding or removing features to try and get the game as good as possible.

When loading up the game, the first thing you will notice is how pretty everything looks. And when things look really good, you instantly know that the developers have spent a lot of time and love on crafting a game, and with Mage Drops that is very apparent from the start.

Each course/level has the basics of golf, you start at the tee, and you need to get the ball in the cup. Aiming is done with a simple dotted line, which you can lengthen, lower, and so on until you get the desired shot. The cup itself is quite large, this instantly tells you that the platforming or puzzle elements are going to be more important than a millimetre precision shot.

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