Celebrity Coach Trip is back on E4 with a line up of fresh celebrity faces

After nearly two years, it's finally time for international tour guide Brendan Sheerin to hit the road again in a brand-new series of Celebrity Coach Trip.  Brendan's coach will be bursting with a fresh batch of celebrities, all eager for an action-packed European adventure.

The new series will kick off its run on the 3rd January 2022 on E4 at 8pm with the coach touring sunny Portugal. Brendan will welcome a host of famous faces who will travel in pairs to keep their place on the coach, and at the end of the tour be crowned the winners.

The first of our celebrity travellers boarding the coach and topping up their tans are: Presenter and stand-up Matt Richardson and actor and presenter Will Best; actors Linda Robson and Lesley Joseph; Geordie Shore stars Sophie Kasaei and James Tindale, members of girl band, The Honeyz, Celena Cherry and Mariama Goodman; and Olympian Ashley McKenzie with actor Paul Danan.

The celebrity pairs will enjoy a mix of excursions and cultural outings across the series. But, as ever, at the end of each day the pairs will vote on who they least enjoy travelling with. The pair who receives the most votes will get a yellow card; two yellow cards will see them given a red card and be sent home on the next flight, only to be replaced by a new celebrity pair to fill up the coach.

 Matt Richardson said: "I can't wait to spend a holiday on a coach filled with Celebs. It's what I normally do, so filming it just makes sense!"

Will Best said: "The chance to go on holiday with a mate, meet the icon that is Brendan, AND clear my rent arrears, all in one fell swoop? Yes please! Although if no one from Bananarama is on board I'm kicking off."

Linda Robson said "Me and Lesley had the most exciting, wonderful time - loved every minute of our trip and am missing Brendan and all the trippers! Can't wait for my family to see our adventure."

Lesley Joseph said "I love travel, and travel with a friend is even better, so the chance to go on holiday with Linda was too good to miss.  Not only that, we got to meet the wonderful Brendan – he is a legend.  We had such good fun, I hope the viewers enjoy it too. After months of lockdown it made it such a special experience."

Sophie Kasaei said: "I have always been the biggest fan of Coach Trip from when I can remember. Forget all the other reality tv shows my dream was to do coach trip! I have been such a massive fan of Brendan, watching him with my family on weekday afternoons! The experience of travelling around Portugal with a bunch of celebs? Yes please! It was everything I could have imagined and more."

James Tindale said: "I love meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself so Coach Trip is right up my street."

Celena Cherry said "After being housebound for so long due to Covid, I couldn't wait to get out there and touch and meet new people! Plus Brendan was an added bonus, always wanted to meet him!"

Mariama Goodman said "I jumped at the chance to get away for some sunshine, silliness and adventure, and of course to meet Brendan!"

Ashley McKenzie said "I'm used to travelling the world as part of the Great Britain Judo squad, but never have a chance to really experience or enjoy the places I visit, as I'm always there training or competing. Coach Trip gave me the opportunity to see new places and meet new people, which is why I decided to take part."

Paul Danan said "I've watched the show for years and always loved it, and thought it would be amazing to go on a road trip after doing a road trip with Calum Best and Fran Cosgrave on our own show back in the day. I'd never been to Portugal and wanted to be part of an iconic show and bring some Danan TV gold back again!"