REVIEW: Powertris on Nintendo Switch

Powertris is a puzzle game that seems simple, but is actually much more impressive than at first glance.

What do you get if you cross the classic game of Tetris with a game like Pipemania? You get Powertris.

Much like Tetris the idea of the game is to get a line of blocks that go from left to right, and once you do that the line disappears, but here is the twist in Powertris, they aren't blocks, they are pieces of a pipe. As the pieces drop, you can move and rotate them, better still you also have to notice the sides of the playing area, for these sockets are where the lines start, hence the Pipemania comparison. You can have a line that starts bottom left of the screen, but finishes top right.

Place too many pieces which do not connect, hit the top of the playing area, and you lose.

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