REVIEW: From Space on PC (Steam)

Developed by Triangle Studios and published by Curve Games, From Space is a brand-new solo and co-op action shooter. Play on your own, or with 3 others, and try to liberate the earth from a weird alien infestation.

Throw in over the top weapons, a post-apocalyptic world and endless missions and side missions, and you have quite an interesting game.

Playing from a top-down view, you will quickly find out the bad guys are pink, aim and shoot, you can collect new weapons, (everything from Rocket Launchers, Miniguns, Flamethrowers etc) and ammo, which are usually left conveniently around the location. Look for safe zones, speak to people, they will give you missions as they get to know you. Simple things at first, then getting tougher. Maybe you need to collect something for someone, or even escort someone from one point to another, without getting you both killed.

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