REVIEW: Hypnotic (2023) - Starring Ben Affleck & Alice Braga

A new Ben Affleck film is out, and apparently the studio releasing it forgot to do any marketing at all. Meaning that no one knew the film was coming and hardly anyone has bothered to go to the cinema and watch it, meaning it has bombed at the box office. But should you make the effort to watch it? Read on to find out.

In the therapist's office, Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck), a detective from the Austin Police Department, recounts the haunting memory of his seven-year-old daughter, Minnie (Ionie Olivia Nieves), being abducted, a tragic event that ultimately led to the dissolution of his marriage. Deeply affected by this traumatic experience, Danny seeks solace in therapy.

Shortly after his therapy session, Danny is joined by his partner, Nicks (J. D. Pardo), who shares an important development with him. They have received an anonymous tip-off call indicating that a safe deposit box at a local bank is going to be targeted by criminals. Determined to prevent the robbery, Danny and Nicks embark on a stakeout near the bank, keeping a close eye on any suspicious activities.

To their astonishment, they witness a mysterious man (William Fichtner) issuing unheard instructions to civilians, bank employees, and even their fellow policemen. Surprisingly, everyone seems to unquestioningly obey his commands, allowing him to effortlessly enter the bank. Intrigued and alarmed by this strange phenomenon, Danny's curiosity is piqued.

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