REVIEW: Robots (2023) Starring Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall

I like Jack Whitehall and his style of comedy, so when I saw the general premise of Robots, I was looking forward to seeing this.

In the year 2032, remarkable advancements in robotics granted humanity the ability to employ highly realistic androids as servants and manual laborers. Among the privileged residents of an affluent suburb, Elaine (Shailene Woodley) and Charles (Jack Whitehall) found a peculiar solution to bypass the limitations of their busy lives – they began using android replicas of themselves to navigate the challenges of dating. Little did they anticipate the unforeseen consequences that awaited them. Androids were originally used to replace cheap illegal labourers, and were not allowed to be used as robot clones, to do so is a major crime.

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