REVIEW: Blue Beetle (2023) - Starring Xolo Maridueña

The film endeavours to soar with its impressive visual effects, seamlessly bringing to life the formidable armoured suit of the titular character. These visual spectacles, coupled with a competent soundtrack, contribute to an initial promise of an engaging cinematic experience.

However, beneath the surface lies a narrative riddled with discord. While the visual effects may shine, the choreography of action sequences often defaults to predictable CGI-laden skirmishes that lack the ingenuity necessary to truly captivate the audience.

A major stumbling block lies in the overt socio-political agenda that permeates the story, rendering it a veritable soapbox for "woke" messaging. The film's attempt to grapple with social issues and incorporate these themes into the characters' motivations often comes across as contrived and heavy-handed, overshadowing the underlying narrative.

Moreover, the film struggles with character depth and nuance. Almost every non-white character is depicted through the lens of victimhood, which curtails the opportunity for genuine character growth and complexity. Regrettably, this decision leads to a shallowness that hampers the film's emotional resonance.

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