REVIEW: Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUS on PC (Steam)

I have covered many of the "Pretty Girls" releases, by now you should know the routine, take a classic simple to play game, wrap it within the Pretty Girls universe, and job done.

"Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire PLUS" from ZOO Corporation delivers a delightful twist on the classic game of solitaire, immersing players in an anime-inspired world with Klondike rules. With its charming anime-style graphics, easy-to-play gameplay, and impressive presentation, this title adds a fresh layer of excitement to the timeless card game.

The game offers a unique twist by incorporating 11 beautiful girl characters, each with their own distinctive personalities and stories. Engaging with them adds an element of intrigue as you progress through the solitaire challenges. The diverse cast of characters, from cool beauties to Tsundere personalities, enhances the gameplay experience and gives players an incentive to clear stages and unlock stylish costumes for the girls.

The various difficulty levels add a layer of challenge to the traditional Klondike solitaire game, but also rewards players with costume changes as they make progress. Dressing up the characters in various outfits adds a fun and rewarding aspect to the game, offering a creative outlet for players to express their style preferences.

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