REVIEW: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre on Xbox

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre video game manages to capture the grim essence of the iconic 1974 film in an asymmetric multiplayer online horror title. The game is set just before the events of the original 1974 movie.  This hide and seek style game places players in the shoes of either the infamous Slaughter family or their desperate victims, promising a chilling experience that stays true to the source material.

The main idea of the game is that three Slaughter Family players have to try to murder four helpless victim players, where as their job is to simply escape. The various playable characters all have their own unique stats and abilities to help them to either find the victims, or to escape the killers.

The job of the killers is to secure the area, make sure electric fences are turned on, doors are locked, traps set etc, and of course trying to kill the victims. The Cook character has the ability to add extra padlocks to doors and can use enhanced hearing to locate Victims, Johnny has a tracking ability, and Hitchhiker can lay down traps. You also need to feed blood to Grandpa, who is sat on a rocking chair in a different location each time you play, when given blood he uses a sonar sweep to highlight moving victims for a time.

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