REVIEW: Wonderwell (2023) - Starring Rita Ora and Carrie Fisher

I suppose I should do an Oasis reference here, but I am guessing every other critic on the planet has already done it, so I will give it a miss.

"Wonderwell" is a heartwarming family film that delivers solid entertainment for all ages. While the storyline may not break new ground in terms of originality, it manages to captivate its audience with its charming characters, imaginative world and impressive visual effects.

One of the film's notable aspects is its inclusion of the late Carrie Fisher, who graces the screen with her final presence in what is sadly a small role. Her appearance, alongside popstar Rita Ora, adds a touch of nostalgia and interest to the long-awaited fantasy film.

At its core, "Wonderwell" follows the journey of Violet (Kiera Milward), a young girl with an insatiable curiosity that sets her apart from her family, and who believes she is a witch. The film kicks off in Italy, where Violet's yearning for familial closeness leads her to bake cookies infused with a magical spell of togetherness. As the story unfolds, her sister Savannah (Nell Tiger Free) becomes the chosen face of a renowned fashion mogul, Jana (Rita Ora). The film interweaves these narratives, showcasing the challenges and aspirations of both Violet and Savannah.

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