REVIEW: Lady Ballers (2023 Film) - Starring Jeremy Boreing, Daniel Considine and Billie Rae Brandt

Director Jeremy Boreing takes a bold leap with "Lady Ballers," a sports comedy that dives into the rarely explored territory of men participating in women's sports. Set against the backdrop of a once a great coach's quest for redemption, the film successfully blends humour with satire, making it a standout comedy in 2023.

The plot follows Coach Rob Gibson, played convincingly by Jeremy Boreing himself, whose life takes a comedic turn after a divorce and a career setback. The narrative gains momentum when Rob reconnects with his former star point guard, Alex Cruise, portrayed by the charismatic Daniel Considine. Together, they embark on a mission to reunite their state championship basketball team, with an unexpected twist of competing against women in track and field.

One of the film's strongest points is its ability to tackle a sensitive and controversial topic with humor. "Lady Ballers" succeeds in delivering laugh-out-loud moments while satirizing the absurdities of the situation. The script, despite its low budget and a cast with limited acting experience, stands out with well-executed comedic timing and genuine performances.

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