REVIEW: The Outlast Trials (2024 Video Game) On Xbox

"The Outlast Trials" delves deep into the realms of psychological horror, immersing players in the chilling atmosphere of the Cold War era and the ethically dubious experiments orchestrated by the Murkoff Corporation. Serving as a prequel to the renowned Outlast series, the game thrusts players into a harrowing world where survival hinges on quick thinking, strategic planning, and unwavering courage.

At its core, the plot of "The Outlast Trials" offers a gripping examination of the human psyche under extreme circumstances. Players become unwitting subjects of the nefarious Murkoff Corporation, subjected to twisted experiments engineered to manipulate their minds. Against a backdrop of distrust and exploitation, the narrative unfolds, compelling players to grapple with moral dilemmas as they navigate through a labyrinth of horror.

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