REVIEW: Ricky Stanicky (2024 Film) - Starring Zac Efron, Jermaine Fowler, John Cena and Andrew Santino

"Ricky Stanicky" is a hilarious comedy that pays homage to the irreverent humor of early 2000s films. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the movie tells the absurd yet uproarious story of Ricky Stanicky, a fictional character invented by three childhood friends to evade the consequences of a prank gone awry.

At the center of the narrative are Dean (played by Zac Efron), JT (portrayed by Andrew Santino), and Wes (brought to life by Jermaine Fowler), who, two decades later, still lean on Ricky Stanicky as their go-to excuse for their immature behavior. However, when their significant others demand to meet this elusive figure, the trio recruits the help of the washed-up actor "Rock Hard" Rod (played by John Cena) to give life to Ricky Stanicky.

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