REVIEW: Cash Out (2024 Film) - Starring John Travolta

Cash Out (2024), directed by Ives and written by Dipo Oseni and Doug Richardson, is a straightforward American action film starring John Travolta as Mason Goddard, a retired thief drawn back into the game by his brother's ill-conceived bank robbery plan. The heist goes awry, trapping the thieves inside the bank with hostages and surrounded by law enforcement, including Mason's former lover, negotiator Amelia Deckard (Kristin Davis). Despite its predictable plot, the film benefits from Travolta's charismatic performance, which elevates it above typical B-movie fare.

While the action sequences and pacing are solid, Cash Out suffers from plot holes and a lack of sufficient suspense, making it less thrilling than it could be. The supporting cast, including Lukas Haas and Quavo, deliver adequate performances, though their characters are underdeveloped. Despite these flaws, the movie provides a decent 90 minutes of entertainment, particularly for fans of the genre and Travolta. Overall, it's a watchable film that earns a generous 7 out of 10.

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