REVIEW: Seed of Life (2024 Video Game) on PS4

Seed of Life is an action-adventure puzzle game from MadLight that successfully immerses players in the hauntingly beautiful world of Lumia. Playing as Cora, the last survivor on a dying planet ravaged by alien invaders, you must navigate through a semi-open world filled with mysteries, dangers, and intricate puzzles to activate "The Seed" and restore life to the planet. The game's visuals and soundtrack are captivating, creating an atmospheric experience that enhances the exploration of its richly imagined environments. The hands-off approach to guidance allows for a rewarding sense of discovery, although this might not appeal to players who prefer more direction.

Despite its strengths, Seed of Life's transition from PC to consoles comes with notable drawbacks. The voice acting for Cora is subpar, and issues with precision jumping can lead to frustration. Additionally, the inability to adjust graphical settings on PlayStation 4 affects performance and can induce motion sickness, marking a step down from the customizable PC version. While the game retains its core appeal with engaging gameplay and imaginative design, the lack of significant improvements since its original release is disappointing. Nonetheless, it remains a solid and enjoyable experience for fans of action-adventure and puzzle genres.

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