Andy Serkis returns to high fantasy with The Letter for the King: See exclusive photos, teaser

A fantastical kingdom. A perilous quest. A young, untested but brave hero. All of this is a bit old hat for Andy Serkis, the erstwhile Gollum from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But despite a similar medieval-fantasy milieu and even a New Zealand shooting locale, Netflix’s upcoming series The Letter for the King still offered something new for Serkis: acting opposite his daughter, Ruby (Hulu’s National Treasure), for the first time.

The Serkises bring a measure of levity to the series, which follows a would-be knight named Tiuri (Amir Wilson of His Dark Materials) who’s tasked with delivering the titular missive. Andy plays the scheming Mayor of Mistrinaut, a once-mighty trading hub that’s fallen on hard times, while Ruby gets her first major showcase as the Mayor’s equally cunning daughter Lavinia. The characters’ bantering, warm-yet-spiky interplay has an authentic chemistry that reflects the actors’ real-life relationship.

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