Harrison Ford Says Indiana Jones 5 Resolves Part Of Indy's History

For over three years, Indiana Jones 5 has been in and out of development. The script has been passed back and forth between a slew of writers, but finally its filming schedule is on track. According to Harrison Ford himself, he’ll grab his hat and whip and get back to work to continue to play his iconic role just a few months from now. And he’s also teasing Indy’s next adventure. Here’s what Ford said:

"Well, I’m not going to share the story with you because that doesn’t seem like a good idea. But we’ll see new developments in his life, his relationship. We’ll see part of his history resolved."

Very coy. Harrison Ford isn’t one to spill the beans and he’s not doing it this time around for Indiana Jones 5 either. He doesn’t want to spoil the story, but he does drop a couple hints here. The 77-year-old Star Wars actor mentions development in his “relationship” and references some part of his past being resolved.