Nicolas Cage Talks Playing Himself And ‘Reenacting Past Movie Sequences’ In His Next Film – Exclusive

Few actors are able to give such unhinged performances as Nicolas Cage – the man who yelled the alphabet front-to-back in Vampire’s Kiss, ran around punching people while wearing a bear costume in The Wicker Man remake, and battled literal demons with a chainsaw in Mandy. He’s a master of going out there, and he’s about to face his greatest task in upcoming comedy The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent: playing himself. The meta-movie from writer-director Tom Gormican is due to go into production soon, and will see the actor portray two fictionalised versions of ‘Nicolas Cage’ – a present-day Cage, and a younger, wilder one.

Speaking to Empire in the upcoming The Mandalorian issue, Cage opened up about the film and his tailor-made role. “It’s a stylised version of me, and the fact I even have to refer to myself in the third person makes me extremely uncomfortable,” he says. “There are many scenes in the movie where modern or contemporary – here we go – ‘Nic Cage’ and then young ‘Nic Cage’ are colliding and arguing and battling it out. It’s an acrobatic approach to acting.”

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