Rian Johnson Reveals Apple Won’t Allow Bad Guys in Movies to Use iPhones

No wonder the killer in "Knives Out" is one of the only characters who does not use an Apple product.

Rian Johnson reveals in a new video interview with Vanity Fair an interesting mandate Apple has on movie productions: Bad guys and villain characters in films are not allowed to be seen using iPhones. The reveal was made as Johnson was breaking down a pivotal scene from his most recent directorial effort, “Knives Out.” The scene is when Ransom Drysdale (Chris Evans) arrives at the Thrombey household and all of the main characters converge for the first time.

Several characters are seen holding iPhones, including Jamie Lee Curtis’ Linda Drysdale, but the one person without an Apple product is Ransom. “Knives Out” viewers know that Ransom is the killer at the center of Johnson’s murder mystery, which means the character was prohibited from being featured in “Knives Out” with an iPhone.


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