Interview with The Soska Sisters

Ahead of Horror Channel’s UK TV premiere of VENDETTA (part of the VENGEANCE season), the Soska Sisters reflect on their life-long love of wrestling, getting revenge, and their next, long-waited original film BOB.

You’re back on Horror Channel. Excited?

Jen: Deliriously. We love the Horror Channel! It's our favourite place to be. Thank you for having us back!

Sylvia: LOVE the Horror Channel. It feels a little odd because you guys usually are the first to show our work and Vendetta showed up late. I won't even begin to mention the long-awaited Hellevator.

Finally, your UK fans get to see VENDETTA on British TV!

Jen: I'm so happy it VENDETTA has finally invaded British airwaves. The UK has always been so gracious and supportive of us and our work leading back to the Dead Hooker in a Trunk days. It's only fitting to have VENDETTA follow suit. It's no secret we love our British fans and hold a special place in our hearts for them. I'm excited for them to finally be able to enjoy what I like to call our "Punisher" movie.

Sylvia: Maybe it's happened because the UK has been the most supportive of our work, so Vendetta is now going to be a smash hit and we can finally get to work on the sequel. See who hasn't been horribly murdered and there's still a vendetta to take them out. We're pretty excited to see what the reaction to the film will be - we have a lot of fun directing action and working with these incredible stunt teams.

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