Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins Series 2 - Programme Billings (1st two episodes)


Monday 20 April, 9pm, Channel 4

Once again 12 Celebrities will leave their glamorous lives behind to take on the challenge of this unique version of SAS selection.

Chief Instructor Ant and his team of directing staff don’t care about their status, how successful they are or how big their fan base is. They will be asking the recruits to take on tougher challenges than they will have ever faced in their lives, pushing them to their limits. But can any of these famous recruits make it through to the end?


Monday 27 April, 9pm, Channel 4

In this second phase of SAS Selection, the celebrity recruits are tested on their mental and physical strength and whether they have the right mindset to complete selection.

This episode focuses on the youngest recruit, 24 year old YouTuber Jack Maynard, and the two oldest recruits on the course, 56 year old former footballer John Fashanu and 59 year old TV presenter, Anthea Turner, as they try and tackle the course with their very different mindsets. Not all of them will make it.

Each will face brutal tasks, including, a backwards helicopter dive into near freezing water, and a high adrenaline firearms task where they must make the life-changing decisions whether to shoot or not. Then showing some of the most aggressive behaviour witnessed in all of SAS: Who Dares Wins history, the celebrities struggle to control their aggression and the DS punish them. The episode starts with all 12 celebrities, but ends with just 9 recruits remaining.