Ricos de Amor - Poster and Trailer - Starring Giovanna Lancellotti and Danilo Mesquita

Good life, money, farm, tomatoes and women sum up the routine of Teto, played by Danilo Mesquita (Spectros, Éramos Seis, Segundo Sol). Son of the all mighty Teodoro (Ernani Moraes), known as the Tomato King, the future heir to the empire of plantations and factories watches his life turn upside down when he meets Paula. Different from Teto, Paula is a down-to-earth girl who studies to be a doctor and dreams of her independence. She is played by Giovanna Lancellotti.

Just about to celebrate his birthday, Teto feels surprised when his father tells him what gift he will get that year: a job. Yes, the sweet days of the Tomato Prince are over. The Tomato Festival, a traditional party in his city, is perhaps one of the last chances to enjoy the easy life - by the way, Brazilian world famous DJ Alok makes a special appearance in the film. To the sound of some electronic and sertanejo music, Danilo Mesquita's character meets the medical student played by Giovanna Lancellotti.