Two Sisters One Body is a coming-of-age story of two Omphalopagus twins, a rare conjoined condition

Two Sisters One Body  is a coming-of-age story of two Omphalopagus twins: a rare conjoined condition. About to leave high school Carmen and Lupita have more than their grades or their medical condition to think about, they are Mexicans in Trump’s America.

In 2002 Carmen and Lupita were born in Mexico and given three days to live.  Doctors made frantic efforts to separate them, but fast-forward 19 years, they're still conjoined and they’re living in small-town Connecticut with their family who gave up their lives in Mexico so that the girls could receive medical treatment.  But as the status of their visa program changes what will that mean for the girls who have known nothing else but life in America?

Carmen and Lupita are growing up fast but dare not plan too far into the future. These fiercely intelligent and funny young women have spent their whole lives coming to terms with their situation. Both have separate medical issues but any operation the twins undergo would pose serious danger to both of them.

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