James Cameron Goes Into 14-Day New Zealand Quarantine Before ‘Avatar 2’ Restarts Filming

James Cameron is heading into a 14-day government supervised quarantine as production on his long-awaited “Avatar” sequels looks to restart in New Zealand. “Avatar” producer Jon Landau announced the quarantine while sharing a photo of Cameron and himself arriving in New Zealand from Los Angeles after a 13-hour direct flight. The two men had originally planned to be back in New Zealand working on the “Avatar” sequels in the early spring, but production was suspended in mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Productions in New Zealand started ramping back up again in May, paving the way for Cameron and Landau’s return. The 14-day quarantine means production on the “Avatar” sequels will likely resume in June. The sequels will be one of the first major Hollywood tentpoles back in production.


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