REVIEW: Unrailed! on PC

Unrailed! is a simple game, you have a train, and the train is moving from point A to point B, and your job is to make sure it gets there safely, you accomplish this by building the track ahead of your train. As I said, SIMPLE!, well not quite, you need wood and steel to build the track, so you need to cut down trees and mine the steel, but the train has already started moving, but wait you now have a river flowing through the area and you need to get past it, and now there are cows on the track, and just when you think you know what you are doing the train is now on fire!

And that pretty much is the game, each time you play a level and fail, you will instantly realise how you messed up, so you will restart and try to get it right. Ideally this is a multiplayer game, up to 4 players all at once helping each other to complete the track, mine, and so on. There is a single player mode, and you have the help of a bot which you can send commands to, to help you along.

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