Jordan Banjo & Dr Sara Kayat to present new health & weight loss pilot

Channel 4 has commissioned a Jordan Banjo & Dr Sara Kayat fronted pilot from Manchester based Flying Saucer Television, marking the Gobstopper backed company's first commission for the broadcaster.

Lose Weight Like Me is an inspirational new format that introduces two people who want to make a dramatic change to their lifestyle to four 'health heroes' – members of the public who have done just that, each losing up to 200lbs on safe and sustainable weight loss plans combining a mixture of diet and exercise.

The four 'health heroes' are in the studio, each hidden behind pictures of what they used to look like before changing their lives and their habits. The contributors will only get to meet them if they choose them as their mentor and select to follow their tried and tested weight loss plan, approved by a leading dietician. Having followed their new plan for up to eight weeks, the two contributors will share their results with Jordan and Dr Sara.

Jordan Banjo, who has first-hand experience at overhauling his own lifestyle having shed over 10 stone, and Dr Sara Kayat will be there every step of the way to help the contributors understand how particular plans may be right for them and to help motivate them to succeed at becoming healthier.