REVIEW: Rogue Aces Deluxe on PC (Steam)

Rogue Aces Deluxe is an old school, old fashioned arcade game, this is the kind of game that back in the 90s you would walk into an arcade and spend all your coins on. The basic story is that you have joined a group called the "Rogue Aces" and your job is to the liberate some islands from "The Baron" and his army.

You have 3 planes which are basically your 3 lives for a mission, you take off from an aircraft carrier and have to complete short missions, usually be trying to shoot down enemy aircraft in dog fights, bombing enemy buildings and shooting rockets at tanks and other dangers on ground level. Once you have taken out your enemy you can take over their airfield. When you have taken too much damage, or used up your rockets and bombs, or even running low on fuel you just return to your aircraft carrier or a land base if you have captured one, and get fixed up, refuelled or top up your weapons, and before you know it you are back up in the air and taking out the bad guys.

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