Channel 4 commissions Rachel Nickell; My Mother’s Murder

Channel 4 has commissioned Monumental Pictures, Angel Station & Hatchling Films to make the 1x60 min documentary Rachel Nickell:  My Mother's Murder. This deeply personal authored film looks at the high profile murder of Rachel Nickell from her son Alex Hanscombe's  perspective and will also reveal the impact on the adults around him.  For the first time on television Alex revisits the events around his mother's murder, considering how this shaped the man he is today.

Alex was just two years old when he was the sole witness to his mother's brutal murder on Wimbledon Common.  After Rachel's death in July 1992, press and public alike became obsessed with the 'tragic tot' who witnessed his mother's murder just weeks before his third birthday.  Family, friends and professionals involved in the investigation worried about the impact it had on the young child, and many have not seen him since.

Months after Rachel's death, Alex and his father Andre fled the country to escape the public gaze.  Now, for the first time, they return to the UK and to Wimbledon common together.  Alex revisits this period of his life as he meets key people from the time, some of them friends of the family and relatives, others professionals involved in the case.

Whilst revisiting incredible trauma experienced by a young boy, we get to know Alex Hanscombe the man, offering hope that a life after unimaginable loss is possible.