REVIEW: Chivalry 2 on Xbox

I have had Chivalry 2 since launch day, and played it a fair bit, first thing I would say is that this is not a game for newbies, for a start the game has a complex melee system, and that is exactly how it has been advertised. Pretty much everything you can think of, is in there, and it is not just about bashing the buttons and hoping for the best, you need to time your attacks, as well as your blocks, you will lose stamina if you just hold the defend button down, so you do need to think and try to time things, as opposed to the old turtle approach.

Before I go on, I will say that this is an online, multiplayer game only. There is no single player mode, not even a tutorial, and you need to also pay for the Gold Subscription to play online, which is annoying, but sadly this is the state of affairs these days, companies and Microsoft especially are incredibly greedy. Whereas on PC you get online mode for free, on Xbox you have to pay.

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