REVIEW: Deadly Days - Xbox

Deadly Days is the latest rogue-lite game from Pixel Split Games. You play within a zombie apocalypse, because, well, why not. You are in charge of a group of survivors and you have to try to stop the catastrophe, survive and play through procedurally generated cities and missions.

The basic gameplay consists of controlling your characters around the map, looking for loot, while at the same time fighting off waves of zombies. Once you collect everything an area has to give, you return to your base to drop off everything you found.

To loot a building, a character will by targeting to enter, while other characters will remain outside to defend against the zombies. The defending and fighting of the zombies is done automatically, think of the game more as you managing a group of characters, as opposed to you actively controlling their actions.

Did I mention apples? These are of upmost importance, you will use apples to level up your characters, keep them well fed, and so on.

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