DECRYPTED - New Trailer and Poster - Starring Sophia Myles, David Hoflin and Amanda Abbington

You won't be able to keep this a secret... The all-star, outrageously dark, comedy feature DECRYPTED is getting its world premiere on 1 November 2021 courtesy of Bright Spark Productions.
Get ready to go underground and delve deep into the world of cryptocurrency and unscrupulous government agencies in this provocative film from father and son writing/directing duo Mick Sands and Tom Sands and producer Phil Harris, the team that that brought us Rupert, Rupert & Rupert and The Holly Kane Experiment.

When an extremely mismatched team of National Security Agency operatives take on a covert mission to kidnap the creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – to extract, by any means necessary, the information they need to destroy cryptocurrencies, things go wildly wayward in this raucous romp.

The botched NSA interrogation forces together a homophobic field agent, a feminist technical adviser, a transgender asylum seeker, a crypto-anarchist, a racist Brexiteer and an inclusionist MI5 agent. Of course sparks start to fly when their opposing beliefs clash in major way. But a truth drug reveals a newfound honesty with riotous consequences…

Decode the devilishly debauched Decrypted, it will crack you up.

Released on digital Monday 1st November

Starring Sophia Myles, David Hoflin, Amanda Abbington, Kevin McNally, Clive Francis, Talisa Garcia, Akie Kotabe, Don Gilet and Sophie Barker.

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