REVIEW: Ghosts and Apples on Nintendo Switch

Ghosts and Apples is an "action-puzzle" game that will test your reaction times as well as memory.
Over 150 levels of hand drawn action. Are you hooked yet?

You find yourself in a house of magic, there are ghosts looking through windows, an octopus acting as a coat hanger, ravens, evil potions, a vampire, and so on. It is all very fantastical looking and as mentioned all hand drawn.
You play as a Puppet called Jack; your soul is trapped within him. You will soon find yourself looking up at paintings, which when you click will suck you into them, and that is how you access a level.

The main point of the game is to catch ghosts and turn them into apples, yes makes no sense to me either, but neither did the octopus as a coat hanger.

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