REVIEW: Book of Travels on PC (Steam)

Before I start, please note that Book of Travels if still in Early Access, so although this is a review, it is based on a game that by its very nature is not the end product, so please keep that in mind.

Book of Travels advertises itself as a "unique social roleplaying experience that doesn't hold your hand", and as such it is very unusual for a RPG as it has no missions, no real plotlines, and no life-or-death quests. So, taking away the very elements of what makes a RPG a RPG, it seems a strange approach to take for a game.

The first thing you notice when you start playing is the graphics, they are stunning, however they are also weird, it is hard to describe, but it's basically 2D graphics that have hundreds if not thousands of layers, so as you walk toward or away from the camera viewpoint, you pass through the 2D layers, this is really strange, and also incredibly annoying, as often the layers get in the way of what you are trying to see, and since you can't move the camera, often you find yourself moving the character back and forth until the correct layer focuses and you can see what you are doing.

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