Harder, hotter and tougher - The Bridge is back

The Bridge, Channel 4's gruelling reality competition, returns for a second season in a fresh tropical locale. There's double the drama and double the prize money on the line as two teams compete to be the first to win a £200k jackpot.

The eight-part series is hosted by AJ Odudu, and it follows 16 strangers who join together for the possibility to win a large financial award, but are unaware of the epic struggle that would be required to take the money home.

To take on the ultimate test of physical ability, mental talent, and teamwork, the candidates must set their egos and differences aside. In a race to reach the riches kept on top of 'Fortune Rock,' the teams must build a bridge over 1,000 feet of water in just 12 days. Will the first person to reach the money opt to share it with their teammates?

Coming soon.