REVIEW: Shattered (2022) - Starring Cameron Monaghan & Lilly Krug

Chris (Cameron Monaghan) is a retired tech millionaire, he wrote an app, sold it to google, and now he lives in a beautiful house with futuristic technology throughout. His wife (Sasha Luss) is divorcing him.

One late night he decides to go shopping, and meets a gorgeous blonde woman, Sky (Lilly Krug), she asks for his help in choosing some wine, her Uber cancels on her, and he ends up taking her back to his. This happens to me all the time! Really! Ok, apart from the hot blonde and I don't have a futuristic house, but the rest is spot on.

Chris and Sky start seeing each other, then one night when coming back to his car, someone is trying to break in, a scuffle ensues, and the criminal attacks Chris with a crowbar. Sky then steps in as a nurse for Chris to help him in his recovery.

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