INTERVIEW: Howard Ford - Director of The Ledge

Ahead of FrightFest's UK premiere of THE LEDGE at the Glasgow Film Festival, director Howard Ford talks about how he nearly lost his life to a mountain fall, reviving THE DEAD and playing 'Russian Roulette'.

Your latest film, THE LEDGE, is receiving its UK premiere at FrightFest Glasgow 2022. Excited, nervous?

Well it's always an exciting time with FrightFest and I do love the big screen with a crowd as that's why I got into making films in the first place. With 'The Ledge' I have tried to frame it to work well as cinema in its traditional manner as I wanted the shots and mountain scenery to breathe. So it'll be exciting to share that immersive experience.

THE LEDGE has been described as a "suspense-filled, deadly cat and mouse game thriller set on a mountain". Happy with that?

I'm more than happy with the description. It beats the usual 'female cliff-hanger'. The funny thing is about films is that no matter what you try to do or how much effort you make to get it on screen, there is always a bunch of folks who jump online and can't wait to tell you it's the worst film ever made! Some people get it, some never will…

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