Interview with S. L. Yarbrough Writer of Horror, Fantasy, and Narrative non-fiction.

S. L. Yarbrough's earliest story was written in kindergarten. A ghost story. Her affinity for writing scary stories came from her weekly trips to the drive-in with her parents. Fantasy was also a passion, garnered from watching The Wizard of Oz, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Lord of The Rings animated films, The Dark Crystal, and many others.

She loved to read and would read anything she could find.

Those passions expanded over the years. She has written articles for Vocal and Brain and Life magazine. A short story for the anthology "The Many Lives of Bindi"and now the first book in the extensive Psychology of...series.

S. L. Yarbrough has a Masters degree in Applied Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

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