REVIEW: Project Gemini (2022) From director Serik Beyseu and Starring Egor Koreshkov, Dmitriy Frid and Martinez Lisa

It is that time of the week whereby I review the latest low budget film, now you know I love my low budget films, so I was looking forward to Project Gemini, if only for that awesome poster! Props to the design team for that.

Project Gemini is a sci-fi survival thriller; a deadly virus has destroyed life on Earth, well at least it is not World War 3! I imagine we will get a lot of films with that storyline in the coming months. Anyway, a deadly virus has infected all the plants on earth, and animals eat plants, and humans eat animals, so you can see the problem. Scientists have decided that the best hope for the human race is to find a new planet to live on.

We have a crew, Steve (Egor Koreshkov), David (Dmitriy Frid) and Leona (Martinez Lisa), we have a rocket ship. Oh, and luckily, we also have a 4-billion-year-old piece of alien technology that we found, have managed to replicate and that will help us terraform a planet that is just 300 lightyears from Earth. For some reason the planet is called Tess, and to get there our crew needs to head through a wormhole of sorts. Of course, with this being a sci fi survival thriller, there is always more going on.

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