REVIEW: Panama (2022) - Starring Cole Hauser and Mel Gibson

Panama is directed by Mark Neveldine and stars Cole Hauser and Mel Gibson, and is your latest action thriller to enjoy.

Cole Hauser leads as James Becker, a depressed ex-Marine, he suffers with survivors' guilt after the death of his wife.  Every day he gets drunk and visits the grave of his dead wife.

One day Becker is approached by Stark a defence contractor played by Mel Gibsob, he thinks it is time for Becker to get back on the proverbial horse, and hires him to travel to Panama to complete an arms deal, and connect with Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega.

Becker eventually finds himself in a casino, in a hotel room with a sexy woman, mixing with drug cartel folk, and eventually leading into countless shootouts and a big climatic ending.

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